Video, Arrest and Indefinite Detention … A Coverup?

What did I tell you about this Indefinite Detention article in NDAA?! The maker of video which the Obama Admin. ‘claims’ started this whole uproar all over the Middle East has been arrested. Reason: he allegedly violated parole by using the internet! AND he was visited and taken from his home (as we all know by now) in the middle of the night, although they used local cops to arrest him, I understand.

Now, I suppose he is “Indefinitely Detained” pending the gov’t sordid coverup of this whole scandal. Whew! Here we go with implementation of this Act on American citizens (who clearly aren’t terrorists). But that last paren shouldn’t even have to be said. He is an American. His previous legal issues are not related to the action taken by the gov’t. And this whole ACT is criminal.

After trillions of dollars spent on Homeland Security, Patriot Act, NDAA etc. we could not prevent a terrorist act on Sept. 11 even AFTER Ambassador Stevens has stated that he was threatened and feared for his life. Who would of guessed it?!! These Acts are an excuse to take away our individual rights using the excuse of terrorist. Meanwhile, our government is so inept, even with all the intelligence organizations in place, that they cannot predict and plan for an attack on 9/11 in the volatile Middle East. Read the complete article here.

I tried to embed the video (found one on youtube) but for some reason it would not insert it, so go to article and watch it from there.