“Winning the Unwinnable War” – Perscription for U.S. Foreign Policy

In his book, Winning the Unwinnable War, Elan Journo “shows how our own policy ideas crippled our response in the Middle East. The book analyzes the U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Washington’s nightmarish alliance with Pakistan. Iran’s burgeoning influence and militancy, the book argues, is a product of Washington’s failure properly to identify Iran’s central role in the jihadist movement and recognize the nature of the war against us.”

Winning the Unwinnable War is accurately subtitled “Americas Self-Crippled Response to Islanic Totalitarianism.” The author’s solution to our quagmire in the Middle East provides us with an inspiring vision of how the United States can conclusively defeat the enemy…”having identified the reasons behind Washington’s failed response to 9/11, the book lays out the necessary steps for achieving victory and for securing America’s long-range interests in the volatile Middle East.”

A must read, especially now!


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