**On Hiatus**

I have an injury involving my right arm and shoulder which prevents me from typing any length of time–and this time has to be devoted to work-related projects. Hopefully the situation will turn around soon, as I am looking forward to addressing all the new philosophically based political and economic issues arising today

There’s lots to read and research in the mean time. Will continue with short snippets and links.

–Individual Rights activist

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About individualrights

Born in Klosterneuberg, Austria of Hungarian descent. Adopted by American parents when I was 10 months old. Parents lived through Hungarian uprising in 1956 and mother escaped to Austria where I was born. I read Ayn Rand's novel, The Fountainhead, and immediately became enthralled by her philosophy and set out to learn everything and read everything. I had a college mentor who introduced me to the novels and we talked about her philosophy regularly. I became a lifelong advocate for her ideas and philosophy of Objectivism.

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