Ron Paul — “We Are The Future” Rally in Tampa

Rally at Sun Dome in Tampa 2012

Ron Paul approached the podium to a roaring crowd and standing ovation, with shouts of “Ron Paul, Ron Paul” for what seemed like several minutes before the capacity crowd in the Tampa Sun Dome quieted to let him speak. His opening remarks criticized the media who have recently said that the Ron Paul ‘Revolution’ for liberty is dead. “But here we are!”  he said.  And the “We Are The Future” rally crowd was overwhelmingly  enthuisatic about Ron Paul’s leadership and all their accomplishments toward the advancement of freedom and economic independence from government. His ‘Revolution,’ as it is often referred, has been in the forefront for the cause of liberty, individual rights, constitutional and limited government since its inception prior to the 2008 presidential elections. The movement was founded on the American ideals of freedom from economic and political coercion as set forth by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution.

Dr. Paul said at the rally,

there’s been a lot of talk about bending the rules and breaking the rules, which is something the people in Washington have been doing for far too long!

“At the RNC convention there’s been some talk that there is a fight going on and we are in the middle of it” said Paul. “However, a bunch of them are joining [our delegates] and saying “you’ve gone too far, the The Ron Paul people were right about overstepping their bounds! …What is coming out right now is that their philosophy on government is failing and that they need something different! … this movement will NOT go away!”

He describes some specific problems in government and how we have gotten to this place in our history. Essentially, we are now at a crossroads in our history and the road to liberty has never been clearer. To the extent that more and more people study, learn and understand the principles of a free society and a free economy, will thus determine the duration of our battle.

Paul speaks of the freedom to do what we choose and taking responsibility for our own lives and actions. He discusses freedom of speech, intellectual freedom and the attempts at regulating the internet and limiting freedom speech,

this is one thing we are going to have to be careful about, he says, because when the state feels like its under attack the first thing they get rid of is freedom of speech. That’s why our ideological revolution has to move quickly before they remove the ability to speak out. Because it is ideas that changes the world and that’s why the first amendment is crucially important.

He got a roaring applause on this point; his constituents understand why bad ideas can only be fought by means of better ideas, and that the battle for real freedom and reform in this country begins with a fundamental paradigm shift in how we view our relationship to government.

Economic liberty and the looming disaster we are confronting is a heavy debt burden which weighs on everyone’s mind. “The fundamentals of our economic system, the meaning of property rights and of economic policy has become so eroded” says Paul,

and that bubble still exists, it is so huge and its worldwide–so when we see hints of this breaking apart, the countries in Europe and the decline of the Euro and our response by the FED is to bail them out too–I say this is going to cause the downfall of the dollar.

Paul believes that we need to figure out the good ideas from the bad ideas, he mentions sacrifice (he had been introduced in an opening speech as a man who has sacrificed for the cause of liberty), but he says I don’t believe I’ve sacrificed anything. I did it out of self-interest, I did it because it was good for me. In doing this, he says, you have to have reason, and you have to understand that you are only going to convince others of your ideas by reason and discussion (something which doesn’t seem to work in Washington, by the way!). Philosophically, the concept of sacrifice is antithetical to freedom and individual rights. What is not often discussed is the fact that if one truly sacrifices himself, then he gives up a higher value for something he values less. That’s the actual meaning of sacrifice. In a society where freedom and individual rights are upheld, men do not sacrifice their values for society or their neighbor or any group including and especially for the government.

“There may be a thousand reasons why you want your freedom,” he says, “but if that’s what everyone wants, then we can all come together to defend Liberty. Self-esteem comes from production, you feel good about yourself because you did something … maybe those who want to redistribute wealth lack self-esteem, they don’t have enough self-esteem to understand where it comes from … Let us think of this as a new era of ushering in liberty and freedom, property and peace!”

There were so many young people in the audience and that should give us tremendous hope it the future of this country. Yes, Paul Ryan may say that America was built on an idea — but Ron Paul talks about what these ideas are, why they are important, and how we can understand and use ideas to move toward a society of freedom and prosperity. I believe this is the fundamental difference between Paul Ryan and Ron Paul. From what I have seen and heard from Mitt Romney, I see little evidence of a real discussion of ”ideas’ as a dominant force in shaping political and economic policy.

There is a real need to define the foundation of your premises–that which all other corollary ideas rest. Is that foundation freedom? Are we free in all ways or are we afforded some freedoms and not others? Do we have the freedom to keep the fruits of our labor, for example, but not the freedom to do what we choose with our own bodies? Is it moral for the government to dictate a Christian set of values for all of us, even if some of us are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, or practice no religion at all? Who decides these issues, a governing council of some sort? Or, is there a foundation on which all other freedoms rest?

The unedited speech with Rand Paul’s introduction can be seen below.

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